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08 April 2009 @ 08:37 pm
Okay, guys, you're getting loose with the spoilers -- some of us haven't seen it yet.

Cuts, please, thanks.

24 August 2008 @ 05:29 pm
Oh, goodness.

Went to the beach today and spent almost an hour finding parking, went in the ocean, sat on the sand and left.

Felt a little migrainey on the way home so stopped by the supermarket to get something that might help. And sorry, Cdsdame, but I couldn't help myself. I bought some Head On.

Guys, I wish I could describe the feeling in the left-hand upper quadrant of my face.

Imagine taking a bucket and adding gasoline, menthol and ice chunks, stirring it all together, and taking a rollie brush and putting it on your face. I feel like my face is being ice-attacked. Honestly. Someone I know (cough cough husband cough cough) once took two hits of green mescaline and decided to go out for ice cream and remembers his vanilla cone tasting "like a giant metal statue of Madonna". OMG, guys, I totally get that now. I'm floatin'. This s*** is weird! The upper left-hand side of my face IS a giant metal statue of Madonna!

I can't figure out if it feels good or not. I think it feels good. I know this post probably makes zero sense right now, but some day in your lives you will fall to the temptress that is Head On and you will totally understand exactly what I'm talking about. Honestly. I'm really surprised this isn't illegal and/or an illicit street drug. It certainly potent, that's fo sho.
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Late last night I hovered in that awful, uncomfortable zone between being asleep and being totally awake.

It is the time when reslessness takes over and bad ideas are born and nurtured. These thoughlets that can go in any particular direction, but mostly skew between very bad or very good.

In other words, a single, poorly conceived thoughtlet during this delicate time can lead to one of two things: artistic genius of epic proportions, or a policeman's hand splayed on the side of your head, forcing you to duck as you slide into the back of a cruiser.

Strangely, I first had the overwhelming urge to bang away on a drum set, specifically the drum line from The Hives' "Hate to say I told you so". Have I ever even played the drums? NO. Do I even have a drum set? NO. But it didn't stop me from desperately wanting to do it.

After rolling through songs on my iPod and about a million home shopping network adverts, my muse flickered to life. And what did the bitch bring me?

"I KNOW!!!!!"

*ding ding ding ding ding*

"Why don't I draw a totally innacurate Manga representation of myself, scan it, and make it the new layout for my myspace page!"


So once again I pulled out my iPod because I needed music. I put on my glasses. I hunted around for a pencil for nearly an hour and eventually was rewarded, then I found an art pad that had a lot of chicken scrawl fast food pick up lists but only about three empty pages. But I was ready.

A few notes for the artists around here. Manga? Not as easy as it looks. Extremely deceptive. And the eyes can be extraordinarily expressive, but are crazy hard to get exactly right.

Somewhere between the line of a brow and the rolling waves of hair, I got the strange urge to ask the husband an utterly ridiculous question. At the time it was not such a bizarre inquiry. Now it seems other-dimensional, espesh since it took place when we were on the phone, less than 20 feet away from each other.

Sidenote: This "I'm not going to go upstairs/downstairs, I'm just going to call you on the intercom phone" is swiftly becoming an unhealthy fetish. Must kick the habit. Now.

*calls phone upstairs in husband's lair. Because he's up at 3 a.m.-ish too.*

"Honeybunny, I have a really bizarre and somewhat stupid question for you."

*laugh* "Okay"

"If Manga is printed Japanese art and Anime is Japanese animation, how does Hentai come into play?"

*pause, throat clearing* "Hentai is just Hentai. And there are not a lot of Hentai movies. And Hentai is weird and pretty devious, with girls with eyeballs in their.....(censored)."

"Really? Huh." *pause* "So, uh, what about Bukkake?"


Partial satisfaction achieved.

I turned up the volume on my pod and wailed away. I abandoned the pencil and went for the pen.

I like to draw with pen. It's kind of a do-or-die situation. Everything has to be just right or it's scrapped. I would imagine that if someone put a gun to my temple and told me to draw an awesome representation of a small Indonesian child in a skiff with towering skyscrapers in the background, I could pull it off. Ace it.

And somewhere in the midst of all this madness, I came up with a mini playlist,. Why? because I know, deep down, that at least one other person on this big rock of dirt and saltwater is on a late night Manga bender as well. And they just might need some music to draw chins to.

The crap:
Ice Cube -- Bop Gun -- 10 minute version (Too slow. Sorry, Funkateers.)

Slow -- Kylie Minogue (No explanation necessary)

Brass Monkey -- Beastie Boys (too unstable, too stopstart, too just, UUUGGHH!)

ACDC -- Hell's Bells (ummm -- Hells, no.)

The Blazin' Squad -- Flip Reverse (Oh, goodness. It's bad enough that I'm admitting I have this song on my iPod, let alone listening to it. Too daft and totally weak. If you're a Brit, you know exactly what I mean).

Made of WIN
Gwen Stefani -- What U Waiting For (just rapid and weird enough to inspire)

LL Cool J -- Mama said knock you out (Great for curving lines. Who knew?)

Britney Spears -- Toxic (This works. I don't know why, but it does. Guilty pleasure X 10)

The Dandy Warhols -- Bohemian like you (faux Rolling Stones tune delivers the goods. News at 11)

The Black-Eyed-Peas -- Pump it (LOVE IT. LOVE IT. LOVE IT)

Oh yes, there are more, but I shall keep those for another day. And my myspace page is still blank, because faux-awesome unrepresentative myspace background portrait is a work in progress. And I spilled coffee on my notepad, so suckage ensued. But as soon as I finish this Manga girl in my mind, I'll post it here. Trustess.
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This is the opening...


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27 April 2008 @ 10:37 am



Chuffed. Chuffed. Chuffed.

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27 April 2008 @ 07:24 am
Okay, so today is my birthday (sorry Ashlibrooke, I think I told you it was earlier this month, but it is indeed today). I'm officially an old b****, riding a bullet train to cougar territory.

So for a long time, I've wanted a Wii. Of course, no one has this mysterious Wii except people on ebay who are willing to give them up for the price of a car - LOL.

So ladies tell me, is this fate or what?

Yesterday I was at Circuit City with the husband. I mentioned the Wii, and the husband suggest I ask when they come in. A store clerk told me in a secretive voice that CC only gets Wiis in every five weeks. Every five weeks. And the next shipment is coming in...


Fate, no? (channels the adorable Faraday for the mathematical probabilities of that happening).

Should I put some bandages on my fingers with the words F A T E on them?

LOL - so here I am. It is 7:30 a.m. No one else is here. The line will get big soon, I just know it. It's cold and I brought three necessary things to keep me busy:

My laptop (obviously)

A book -- "The Hardcore Diaries" by Mick Foley

My new PSP -- Yes, I am a nerd (but it's okay because I own it).

Was going to get the husband to wait in line for the Wii, but he has a script to finish and is under the gun. So I've dragged my Godforsaken old @ss out of bed and I'm here at the Point Loma CC. Let me tell you, only two things would get me out of bed at O-dark-thirty on a Saturday:

ME (did you even doubt that, LOL)

The possibility that I might score a WII game console.

I am so nerdy I could cry right now.
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21 April 2008 @ 01:34 am
Months ago when I moved to SD, I  heard rumors that if you stood on Grape Street, the planes roaring in to land would practically fall on your head. Of course, being more than a casual aviation enthusiast (I love me some mechanical birds, let me tell you), I had to verify this with my own eyes. I parked my car, shut off the engine, and prayed I wouldn't get picked up for suspicion of being a terrorist. No more than 20 seconds later, I heard that familiar roar and I raised my camera phone to the sky. Here's what I got...

             and then this...

I don't think these pictures illustrate how very low these planes were flying (especially the first one). But thank you, FEDEX and Southwest, for bringing in the cargo and making me s*** my pants at the same time...LOL

Just wanted to share...;-)
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15 April 2008 @ 11:28 pm
Work avoidance continues unabated....

My faves...

Please add to the list...



B**** I stole your purse – quelle vulger, SOOOO not safe for work


Talking dogs & cats – after about two minutes, you can shut it off (unless you want to see some weird parrot talk)


Weirdest campaign song ever (in fact, is it really a song? You decide)


Sexyback -- Looootttts of Ben (some of you may have seen this before – 1:05 is Hi-larious)


Just plain weirdness – Fainting Goats


Dave Chapelle – NSFW – obviously – PURPLE DRANK!!!!


Take this cat from hell – please


David O. Russell flips out – So NSFW – Never buy a ticket to this guy's movies again.


An insta-classic – Huell Hauser reporting on Mexico, distracts border guard and a guy sneaks across the border. ROFL – you will love this...

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So this weekend we drove up to the husband's sister's house in L.A. She was having a birthday party. We drove all the way up into the hills via these winding, narrow roads (after getting lost in some less-than-savory neighborhoods -- like, Cholos galore) and we walk up to her house. The husband says "Wow, it seems really quiet for a party. No cars around or anything."

So we knock and she opens the door in her PJs, looking like, WTF?

And then she tells us. The party is SATURDAY not FRIDAY.

After getting over the embarrassment (totally MY FAULT), she tells us to stay over. The husband racks out on the couch and me on an easy chair. I don't think I even fell asleep until 4 a.m.

The only thing that could've made it even more embarrassing was if I had actually changed into my party wear before we showed up at the husband's sister's house. I planned to change in the bathroom at Union Station (where I picked up the husband), but the less than sanitary environment prevented this. Now I think I'll buy that bathroom a fruit basket. Dirty Union Station bathroom, I salute thee.

Later on Saturday, the husband says he wants to see a movie at the Arclight. I'm down with that because the Arclight  is worth at least one celebrity sighting, without fail. So we buy our tickets and I head to the ladies. As I'm walking out I see three guys hanging out right next to the men's room. They all seem to have that distinct LA actor look (Beckham-ish hair, blond, fit)

So I look a little closer and one of them is....


I sweep on by and try to get a good look at him. And I do indeed land a discreet yet more-than-decent look at his face and bod. I'm going to dump out what I gathered from the few seconds I saw him. (and heard him speak)

*Disclaimer:  If you are Bradley Cooper fan, please note that I am not a police profiler or personality expert so you can easily toss out whatever I gathered below from the very short span of time that I saw him. Except for #2. I'm nearly 100% certain about that one -- LOL.

 A few observations:

1. He is taller than average, but seemed to look like every third guy in the building. Nothing special, looks-wise. These actor types all seem to look the same, though. This observation is probably a direct result of me living for too long in California (with many years in L.A.), but I digress.

2. His eyes had that distinct "I just smoked a fat blunt in the parking garage" look. And as a former charter member of the green brigade -- someone who has smoked plenty of fat blunts in parking garages -- I can tell you this: it takes one to know one.

PS: I saw Hugh Laurie last week at Union Station (some random private party).

PSS: Best place to celebrity watch: outside table at the Arclight's restaurant. Face the guys playing the bongos and you should be fine -- LOL.
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05 April 2008 @ 08:53 pm
I have no idea if this has been posted before, but I found this here and had to share....I think this fine woman sums up our collective....ummmm...."affection" ....for Benjamin Linus...



So if you're flying the ME banner like I am, listen to these clips and enjoy thyself. As far as I can tell, the first clip has a lot more ME than the second.

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